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 More Jailbreak rules

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PostSubject: More Jailbreak rules   Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:02 pm


# If a T is freeshot, they are allowed to clearly state they are getting health, at which time they are to be escorted to a medic room, or told to go to one. Unless an admin is on in which case he may restore that players health.
# Directly firing weapons/throwing nades at innocent T's to damage them will get you slayed.
# Continued freeshooting will result in a kick/ban.

-Gun planting

# Intentionally giving weapons, whether empty or not, through killing oneself or putting weapons in the path of terrorists is considered gunplanting and will result in a slay and team restriction. Continued action will result in kick/ban.
# Killing a T after gunplanting him is considered a freekill.

-Warden / Lead CT:

# The first CT to give CLEAR orders IN ENGLISH becomes lead ct, he/she will give all major orders to the terrorists such as move commands and calling new games.
# If CTs continue to spam mic and cannot reasonably decide on a warden, they will be slayed. If problems come from a certain CT, they will be restricted. If there continues to be arguments an admin is allowed to create a turn system stating who is warden before the round ends.
# Other CTs will enforce these commands of the lead ct and are allowed to repeat them as warnings and also order Ts to drop weapons, or to unstack if there is a gun. They are also allowed to tell a T to step out of the crowd to drop the gun.
# If another CT who is not lead tries to give orders over the lead or spams mic so he cannot give them, he will be slayed and restricted.
# Upon the death of a warden, any other CT still alive who gives new orders in the next 20 seconds will be Warden. Again it is first person to give CLEAR NEW orders. "FREEZE" is not a 'new' command and must be followed by a specific command (Ex. "Go to box cage").
# All Cells must be open by 4:00, failure to do this will result in an irrevocable freeday. If CT's are simply fooling around and no where near the open cells button, a slay day will occur.

# If a CT opens the cells before ANY orders are given, an irrevocable freeday will occur.
# If a CT continuously opens cells before orders are given, they will be slayed/restricted.


Last terrorist gets last request. Once the CTs ask for last request, the T has 30 seconds to state his LR.

-Free day:

*Regular Free day
Terrorists are allowed to roam the map. However, entering restricted areas, such as the armory or vent, is NOT ALLOWED. The restriction of these areas is implied. There is no such thing as a "unrestricted free day", as the global server rules are always in effect. Attacking CTs is considered rebellion and is a killable offense.

* Zombie Free day
Terrorists are allowed to roam the map. However, in a Zombie Free day, they must WALK around (hold shift). Any Ts running or jumping can be killed on sight. Along with jumping, climbing ladders and using the use key ('e') is forbidden. Knifing CTs IS ALLOWED. CTs who shoot a T who has knifed another CT without breaking the Zombie Free day rules can be slayed. CTs must also not camp areas unreachable by the Ts. Normally restricted areas (vent and armory) are in effect.

Thats some new rule suggestions for the u|e Jailbreak server, i hope these can get into the server rules and clear up any mistakes.
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More Jailbreak rules
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